Test Server is coming down at 4PM Pacific for a few hours (no exact time frame currently)

This is what you can test out on the server once it comes back online.
  • Test server wipe for Geo changes such as Military checkpoints
  • Preliminary weather settings enabled. Expect changes in cloud cover, fog, and wind as days pass on the server.
  • Lighting polish across all times of day. Darkest hours of night are shorter. Previous dips in brightness around dawn and sunset should be tidied up.
  • A unique reticle was added to the bow while aiming.
  • Tweaked the handling of grenades some more and added new first-person animations. Throwing grenades should feel improved.
  • Grenades can now be thrown by clicking the left mouse button only. You no longer have to hold down the right mouse button first.
  • Throwing a grenade will now automatically reload another grenade from your inventory if you have it.
  • Grenades and Molotovs now have a unique reticle.
  • Mute all should work now on voices – hit control-m – also checkbox in settings – change keybinding in settings *

Source: Reddit