Steam Content/Build ID 734217

We are deploying a build to our Test Servers to verify the following changes:

  • Rifle barrels and sights should be aligned as before, and not with the sight aimed down relative to the barrel. This change applies to the AK-47, AR-15, and .308 - please report other issues separately.
  • Added an option to disable system messages in the main display. Immediately, players can add HideBannerBroadcasts=1 to the [General] section in their UserOptions.ini file. We will provide a UI option with a hotfix when it's tested and ready.
  • Doubled system messages should be fixed - please report specific messages if you continue to see this.


We are preparing a live patch for these things now. I don't have an ETA until it's more complete but it will be deployed as soon as it's ready.

Also, since it wasn't clear, the adjustment to bullet drop is returning it to the previous value.
Source: Reddit