Hey everyone!

We are going to be bringing the servers down tomorrow morning at 5:30AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. This will give us an opportunity to do a full player and server wipe on the Live and Test servers.

As you may have noticed, we are also going to be changing our patching cadence. Starting next week, we will be patching things to the Live servers on Tuesday mornings and putting out our build on the Test servers on Thursdays. This will give allow people to try and break things on the Test server over the weekend and should provide us ample time to have a very solid build on Tuesdays.

The H1Z1 Roadmap has been updated to reflect the new dates of the publishes.

The Pre-Patch Livestreams will be returning again but this time they will take place on Mondays. Not next Monday due to the holiday but moving forward, that will be their new time slot.

Thanks again for all your continued feedback!


This downtime will also include the following fixes

  • Dropped doors no longer stack.
  • Repairing crossbow and recurve works.
  • Bio-fuel and ethanol exploding and de-spawning works.
  • Fix for crash bug when placing some items.
  • Keys are no longer sellable or tradeable on the marketplace. Any keys currently up for sale or trade will be returned to the seller.
  • Names for deleted characters should now be available again immediately.
  • Claiming bases from deleted characters should work properly now.

Source: Reddit