Daybreak have taken to Reddit to post details of the upcoming patch to live and have confirmed that it will require a character and world wipe. Fresh starts all round!!
We are going to be patching to the Live Servers this Wednesday 10/14. The patch will include everything that is currently on the Test Server and will require a full Player and Server wipe.

If you’ve new to Player and World wipes you can expect to start with a clean slate. The world will reset back to its pristine apocalyptic setting and you will need to create new player characters. So if you always wanted the name FluffyPantsExtreme, after the patch you will have an opportunity to claim it for yourself. So now is the time to play like it’s the end of the world…

Full list of patch notes and bug fixes coming Tuesday:

  • Hospital content + new interactive content
  • Female zombies
  • ATV
  • Improved Zombie responsiveness
  • Item Exchange system
  • New Mercenary Crate
  • Player wipe and server wipe
  • And more
Source: Reddit