BR worlds will lock at 3:30pm pacific time (and stop all new games) and all servers will come down right around 4pm pacific time and be down for up to an hour for an urgent update to address the following issues:


  • Bullet drop - a change was pushed out an order of magnitude too high, and has been reverted to it's previous values
  • The fade to red screen effect as you get hurt has been adjusted to be more subtle. EDIT: This should also be removed from BR games - please report if this still occurs.


  • We have added an option to only have system messages in the chat window. You can add the line "HideBannerBroadcasts=1" into the [General] (or top) section of the UserOptions.ini file. Once we add the option to the UI, we will hotfix the client to make it easier.
  • The duplicate system messages should be fixed - please report any specific messages you are still seeing doubled


  • Crazy arms should be much less crazy - animation was getting out of sync and getting the shoulder twisted, which should be fixed now

Steam Build ID is 734396
Source: Reddit