Huge thanks to Sirisian for cataloguing these details.

If you missed the live stream watch it here.

Summary Of Changes
  • Very much a WIP. (Level of detail and popping issues present in game. Things are below the map also. They're working on new occlusion techniques to help with performance still).
  • Lighting at night now exists and electricity for lights from the dam exists generating power.
  • Pleasant Valley is divided into three districts around (donut shaped) a park in the center of the map. Commercial district, residential, industrial.
  • Destructible walls. Some of the walls will now have cracks on them allow players to shoot and destroy walls to create extra entrances and paths through buildings rather than just doors.
  • Can drive vehicle up on the train tracks.
  • Smoother terrain throughout the map. No small bumps so driving is much easier.
  • Lots of small points of interest so everywhere in KOTK there are items for players to pick up.
  • Unlikely that water will be deep such that people can swim.
  • River is very shallow and winds through the map.
  • Trees are in groups now that are dense with open areas between them.
  • There are 4 cities, Pleasant Valley, Cranberry, Harris Bluffs, Taquito.
  • Map is 10x10 km and 8x8 km is playable (1 km strip around the outside). Z1 was only 6x6 km. So Z2 feels much bigger.
  • New car models throughout city. (Not driveable, they just look better).
  • They're reusing the names of many places like camps. There are a lot more POIs so there will be new names also.
  • Campers, trailer park buildings, etc are larger and less cramped.
  • Doors are bigger now and most ceilings are taller.
  • More farms
  • Grass will be removed under buildings later. It's not enabled in the livestream.
  • Dam is huge now. Much larger with more rooms and areas. Upper and lower dam area to explore now.
  • New orchard POI with apple trees.
  • 4 church POIs.
  • (Umbra wasn't on. One of their occlusion technologies for culling). They've been profiling to increase performance.
  • New semi props and truck stops.
  • Radio station POI
  • New command will flip vehicles over. (Sounds like they won't explode later when it's done).
  • Yes, forced first person in hunting rifle is staying.
  • No underground places. They can't punch holes without problems.
  • Stairs are wider, all buildings are designed with around 3 entrances.
  • Toxic dump with cave is gone. There is a dump with toxic waste barrels though.
  • Farmers market POI on a farm.
  • Z2 will be used for invitational. Unknown date, it's not released.
  • Will be on KOTK Test Server today hopefully. (It's already on there, but locked).
  • New box of destiny
  • Just Survive designers will work on Z2 later adding in separate systems that are required before it can be switched over. "It's much more complex."
  • Pleasant Valley picture!
  • KOTK Same number of players.
  • Z2 will be enabled for weekends on the test server.
  • Stream ended.

New Pleasant Valley

Source: Reddit