27/06/15 12:14

Test Server Update 27/06

Test Server is coming down at 4PM Pacific for a few hours (no exact time frame currently)

This is what you can test out on the server once it comes back online.
  • Test server wipe for Geo changes such as Military checkpoints
  • Preliminary weather settings enabled. Expect changes in cloud cover, fog, and wind as days pass on the server.
  • Lighting polish across all times of day. Darkest hours of night are shorter. Previous dips in brightness around dawn and sunset should be tidied up.
  • A unique reticle was added to the bow while aiming.
  • Tweaked the handling of grenades some more and added new first-person animations. Throwing grenades should feel improved.
  • Grenades can now be thrown by clicking the left mouse button only. You no longer have to hold down the right mouse button first.
  • Throwing a grenade will now automatically reload another grenade from your inventory if you have it.
  • Grenades and Molotovs now have a unique reticle.
  • Mute all should work now on voices – hit control-m – also checkbox in settings – change keybinding in settings *

Source: Reddit
26/06/15 11:53

Weather Optimisation Sample

@Arclegger Sr. Game Designer on H1Z1
Optimizing, integrating weather back into the game. This is just with some haze/fog, makes a huge difference #H1Z1Dev

Source: Twitter
26/06/15 11:50

Test Server World / Character Wipe Incoming

H1Z1 Game ‏@H1Z1game

Test Server will be coming offline for a few hours starting at 4PM Pacific. There will be a player and world wipe.

Source: Twitter
26/06/15 09:04

Live Server Update 26/06

Servers will be brought down at 5am for between 60-120 minutes (all servers should be up around 2 hours later).

We are publishing a small update to address the following items (as noted on the recent test server update):

  • A fix for door states - there were cases the displayed door was in the opposite state the server thought. This should address these cases. Please report additional cases.
  • Assorted recipe fixes.
  • Reduced the size of the large zombie hordes as a test.
Client version will be, Steam Build ID will be 672803, and the download should be under 100MB.
Source: Reddit
26/06/15 08:59

Test Server Update Build 672500

We've made a few adjustments to the Test Server:
  • Code changes to address problems with doors displaying open when they are closed (and vice-versa)
  • Data changes for recipes - assorted changes
  • Changed large zombie group spawn limits
(for those that check, Steam Build ID is 672500)

NOTE: This is NOT the update for next week - next week's patch is large and taking some time to process - today's patch is testing for bug fixes.

EDIT: a werd or two EDIT: we will be patching this to LIVE at 5am on 6/26
Source: Reddit
25/06/15 08:02

Kurama Medical Facility Work In Progress 25/06

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1 has tweeted some new work in progress updates for the city
Kurama Medical Facility work in progress for @H1Z1game #h1z1dev

Source: Twitter
24/06/15 07:43

Professions Moved to July

Professions have been moved into July. We are going to be meeting soon to flesh out what the July Roadmap is going to look like. Rest assured Professions should come in the first few weeks.

What are some things you would like to see on the Roadmap for July?
Source: Reddit
24/06/15 08:56

Game Update 6/24

Servers will go down at 5:00am Pacific We will be down for 2:00 hours We should be back up by 7:00 am Pacific

Game Update 6/24
  • Recipes have been added that allow you to craft flaming and explosive tipped arrows.
  • Bows can now switch between different types of ammo. Pressing the “B” button will switch between the available ammo types.
  • Furnaces, BBQ, Bee Boxes, and Workbenches will now be much easier to destroy if they are not placed on a foundation. Some of these still require too much damage to destroy and that will be addressed when a wipe happens.
  • Added a new recipe which uses the flare as a component, the Parachute Flare.
  • Added recipes for the basic bandana and gloves. The basic bandana can now be scrapped for cloth.
  • 2 item slots have been added to the loadout that can hold flashlights and binoculars. These slots act as hotkeys the same way as the weapon slots do. Additional items will be usable in these slots in the near future.
  • Eliminated most NPC spawning on rooftops where they have no way down.
  • Solved several cases of stuck and/or teleporting NPCs.
  • You can now craft AK-47 ammo
  • Fixed issue crafting arrow types from Test Server
  • Explosive arrows will now damage cars in PvE
  • First Aid Kits will now stack properly
  • Car battery bulk has been adjusted
  • Explosive arrows will now manually reload
  • Still heavily investigating the leak involving UI and containers. Thanks to your reports we have made good headway. We will get the fix in as soon as we nail it down 100%. It's currently at the top of our bug list.

Source: Reddit
24/06/15 01:45

Imports From Game Data

Just completed a script that allows us to directly update our database from the game data, this should mean updates come through a lot quicker and should be more accurate.

Just updated all items in the database, if you come across anything weird let me know :)
22/06/15 10:47

Live Game Patch Delay

Daybreak have just taken to Reddit to announce that tomorrows patch is being delayed until Wednesday. Sadly means you'll have to wait a little longer to craft your AK ammo.
Hey everyone!

Thank you for all your reports of bugs on the Test Server. There are a few that are proving to be more difficult than others. We want to make sure we nail these down and have a solid build for the Live servers.

We are going to be patching on Wednesday this week instead of Tuesday.

Source: Reddit
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