22/06/15 03:55

Resource Calculator

We are pleased to announce our latest feature, our H1Z1 resource calculator. This tool allows you to quickly build up a list of raw materials for any number of crafting requirements which you can then share with friends and allows both of you to work on collecting the items together, updating the list as you all update it.

Link to our H1Z1 Resource Calculator

19/06/15 11:35

Ski Masks and Leggings Coming Soon

Deployed in last nights test server update was a collection of new art assets as discovered by Phazepyre. It would appear that Ski Masks and Leggings are going to be available at some point in the future.

Source: PhazePyres Unofficial Patch Notes
19/06/15 11:07

Roadmap changes

John Smedley took to Reddit this morning to explain changes to the roadmap and how delays to certain functionality was inevitable.
There is obviously no great way to say this but we had to move Team Battle Royale (leader boards and party system) to the June 30th update. They just were not in a place to get out there yet and we want to make sure we nail this one. The feature will only benefit from the delay. Does it suck? Yes. But we know it will be better in the long run.

Military outposts have also been moved to the 30th. And yes, they will require a wipe. I know, I know, we just did a wipe. We thought we could add them in a way that would not require a wipe but after a lot of stressing over it and trying different solutions we landed on the result that we will still need one. So on during the June 30th update we will be wiping the map again. Are we happy about it? No, not at all. We want to wipe as few times as possible because the nature of the game is geared towards building bases and growing. We hope the next wipe won't have to happen for a good amount of time. But in the end, yes, this is still Alpha and we need to do these things at this stage in game development. Sorry (seriously)

We do have something new and interesting to add to the June 23rd update. You will now be able to craft different types of arrows. You can create fire and explosive tipped arrows. We won't be telling you exactly how to do it because we want the discovery to be a surprise but it's exciting none the less.

Again we want to get things out on time but for those of you who have been with us from day one, you know things have to get moved. We try to do this as little as possible but sometimes it does happen.

Thanks for continuing to hang out with us. We had a rough few days with the crashes that set us back a bit but the game is up and running smoothly again.

I have been thinking about the issue with the Test server reports a lot lately. Obviously some things are getting lost in the mix here on the H1 Reddit page and we aren't capturing all the issues on the Test build and then they make their way to the Live build. I was thinking about starting up a H1 Test sub reddit to dedicate to those of you who are awesome enough to actually use the Test server for its intended purpose. Do you think that would be a good idea? Do you have better ideas? Let me know in the comments below because I don't want you thinking that we are completely ignoring your reports. Seriously, why would we ignore them? That benefits literally nobody. We built the Test Server for a reason, now we have to make sure we get your reports in the best fashion. We are here to make an awesome game with you and we truly appreciate those who take the time to report back to us.

Thanks again H1 crew!

Source: Reddit
19/06/15 12:11

City Park Furniture and Building Roof Top Work In Progress

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1 has tweeted some new work in progress updates for the city
Some work-in-progress for city park furniture and building roof tops for @H1Z1game #h1z1dev

Source: Twitter
17/06/15 10:46

Game Hot Fix

A hot fix has been deployed to address the recent crashes introduced by the last game patch
Just hotfixed in a solution for the major crashes. Please update your H1Z1 client on Steam and give it a shot.

Let us know in this thread if you are continuing to have crashing issues and how you encountered them. We will keep on this until the major issues have been resolved.

Source: Reddit
16/06/15 08:56

Game Update 6/16

Servers will be coming down at 5AM for approximately 2 hours.


  • Communication radios have been added. They can be found throughout the game. After finding and equipping one in the new radio tab in the UI, you will be able to turn it on and select a channel. You will be able send and receive voice chat on that channel. Numpad 7 is the default press to talk key. Currently you will not also broadcast to proximity voice chat when talking on your radio.
  • The AK-47 is now available.
  • Added a Police Station at Cranberry.
  • Added a new recipe to create Lookout Towers. These towers can be placed on foundations.
  • Added a new recipe to create a Foundation Expansion. The expansion attaches to the edge of a foundation to give it more building room.
  • You can now "Mute All" via hot key(CTRL + M) or within settings.
  • Vehicles should no longer drop through foundations when their driver walks out of range.
  • Vehicles and foundations should now be visible at further distances.
  • Fixed an issue with buildings not rendering at an appropriate distance.


.762 Round

Foundation Expansion
Lookout Tower

Source: Reddit
15/06/15 09:28

New Military Outpost Art Assets

@kelduum from Day Break Games has posted some very early stage art assets for the new military outposts
Been working with the art guys awesome new assets today. Still *very* early, though. #H1Z1dev

Source: Twitter
12/06/15 08:46

Military Outpost and Security Gate WIP

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1
Some military checkpoint and security gate wip #h1z1dev @H1Z1game

Source: Twitter
12/06/15 01:21

Cranberry Police Station

BuzWeaver on his adventures on the test server has discovered a new Police Station in Cranberry, this certainly increases the reason to head to this area of the map.

12/06/15 01:15

New map Render Post Test Server Patch 12/06

We've generated a new map render, let us know if you find anything good guys and we'll create a full blown render.

Just Survive - Badwater Canyon

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