05/06/15 12:15

Detailed Elevated Railway Pieces

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1
Detailed view of elevated railway pieces #h1z1dev

Source: Twitter
05/06/15 12:11

New Wearbles Coming To Game 9th June

@arclegger the Senior Games Designer on H1Z1
Do I look any different to you? All things you'll be able to find in the world on June 9th #H1Z1Dev

Source: Twitter
03/06/15 10:02

H1Z1 June Roadmap

Lots of great items on the line up for June, including some new map changes :)

  • The stairs on the deck foundation have been removed. You can now craft foundation stairs and place them in multiple locations around the deck.
  • Added a new recipe for a deck ramp that can be placed in multiple locations around the deck foundation
  • Early Survivor Crate containing brand new items
  • Items will continue to decay after server restarts and game updates

  • Party System – You will be able to join a lobby with your friends, from the lobby you will be able to join either an H1Z1 Survival server or a Team Battle Royale Server in the future
  • New Weapon – AK-47
  • Leaderboards for Battle Royale – Everyone will be ranked for now, in the future this will be part of a bigger system involving seasons which will be announced at a later date
  • Added a new recipe for a Watchtower that can be placed in multiple locations around the deck foundation
  • Radios (CB and AM/FM), Walkie-Talkies

  • Team Battle Royale will be available. Join as teams of 2 or 5 in this new version of Battle Royale
  • 4 military outposts will be added to the current map.

  • Professions – When creating a new character you will be able to select what his profession was before the apocalypse. This will give your character different stat bonuses and other unique things. Note that this will be a very early pass at the Professions system and will launch with just a few to choose from.
03/06/15 01:25

PHPBB Embedable Maps

PHPBB forum owners can now take advantage of our new forum map share feature. This functionality provides forum users with a simple way of sharing a map location using a new BB Code and a map share id.

Visit the Map Share Help Page for more information.

02/06/15 09:29

Game Update 6/2

The servers will be coming offline a few hours later than normal tomorrow. We wanted to get things onto the Test Server tonight and let you bang on them some before we patch to Live. Again, we wish we could have gotten these all on Test earlier but it's not how it worked out this week.

Servers will be coming down at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific time for the regular two hours. A few things didn't make it into this patch that were on the Roadmap and those things will get pushed to later in the month.

Patch Notes:

  • The Magnum and .44 Magnum ammo can now be found in the game along with Battle Royale and Hardcore Battle Royale. Added a recipe to create Magnum ammo and the ability to melt it down in the furnace.
  • Tear gas grenades are now available. When thrown they will create a cloud of gas that will obscure vision, cause coughing, and do a small amount of damage. If you are wearing a full face respirator the gas will not affect you.
  • Large structure can now be picked back up
  • Abandoned bases with nothing on them will expire after an hour
  • There is now a key binding set for “Walking”
  • Hardcore BR spawning is more distributed
  • Zombie vision/night vision effects are cleared when leaving servers
  • Dew collectors will now automatically fill up to five bottles of water at the same time
  • The crossbow will no longer automatically reload in ironsights. To begin automatically reloading release ironsights. As a result of this change, you will no longer get stuck in crossbow ironsights.
  • Drinking coffee will return an empty bottle to your inventory
  • Repair Kits will now properly repair all weapons

Source: Reddit
30/05/15 05:08

Police Kevlar Vest

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1
Won't protect your knee from taking an arrow but it's a start. #h1z1dev #pvpd @H1Z1game

Source: Twitter
28/05/15 10:10

Hoodies Work In progress

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1
A popular request especially from female gamers. #h1z1dev #hoodies @H1Z1game

Source: Twitter
27/05/15 09:01

Game Update 5/27

Patch Notes:

Hardcore Battle Royale Improvements

Hardcore BR now includes zombies, bears and night vision goggles. Reduced minimum starting players to 64. The match can now take place at night and includes a Hardcore Elite Bag containing new unique items.

A list of known issues with Hardcore BR:
  • Icon missing from new elite bag
  • Currently there are no doors
  • Currently there are no vehicles or compass, this is intended for testing as we want to see how it effects the gameplay of hardcore mode

Other Additions and Fixes
  • Footwear has been added to the Battle Royale spawns.
  • Male and Female character models now have alternate head models to choose from.
  • New and improved female movement animations.
  • Fixed cases of loading screen freezing.
  • Zombies now respond to all acoustic signatures including: ethanol/bio fuel explosions, grenades/molotovs, red hazard barrel explosions, landmines/IEDs, vehicle explosions
  • Potential fix for bows getting stuck in ironsights
  • Arrows fired from a recurve bow and crossbow now properly bounce off materials they are not meant to stick in, such as metal or stone.
  • Molotovs now properly set players and NPCs on fire. This effect will last for a few seconds when outside of the fire.
  • Grenade/Molotov explosions should be more responsive now on high pop servers.
  • Battle Royale: Arrow bundles will now spawn near the crossbow
  • Lip sync mouth movement to voice chat
  • Vehicles: Occupants will be able to shoot from within vehicles. Currently it’s only the passengers who can shoot from within the car. The player in the driver seat cannot. Occupants can now be hit from people outside the vehicle.
  • Boots now have a small resistance to punji stick damage
  • Crossbows and recurve bows can now be repaired with repair kits.
  • Fixed issue where character doesn't appear in BR chute

Thank you to all the people who helped with reports on the Test Server!

Test server fixes
  • Fixed: Issue preventing placement of furnace, storage and workbenches on a foundation.
  • Fixed: Invisible Bio-fuel bug
  • Fixed: Crash issue when running over zombies with vehicle.
  • Fixed: Unable to pickup items in the world.

New Items added to the Elite Bags in Hardcore BR

Skin: Tie-Dyed ShirtSkin: Hardcore Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ShirtSkin: ABS Shirt

Source: Reddit
27/05/15 02:00

City Blocks

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1
This is what real life looks to an environment artist. #h1z1dev @H1Z1game

Source: Twitter
25/05/15 10:24

The Stronghold - H1Z1 Whitelist Server

It is our great pleasure to be able to announce that in collaboration with Survivorsrest.com & The Hyperpheron Podcast we have been allocated our very own H1Z1 Whitelist Server, The Stronghold.

More details coming soon but, but for now be sure to follow us on Twitter @H1Z1Stronghold.
Just Survive - Badwater Canyon

King Of The Kill - The Arena (aka Z2)

Just Survive - Anywhere USA (aka Z1)

Our Whitelisted Server - The Stronghold H1Z1 Stronghold

This is a joint collaboration effort between ourselves, Survivors Rest and PhazePyre.

Registered: 10144 - Applied: 6 - Whitelisted 4127
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