Following the deployment of King Of The Kill build 2071160 to the test server, 7351 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 2481 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
2017 Invitational Crate
2017 Invitational Crate - Unlocked
Bronze 2017 Invitational Crate
Silver 2017 Invitational Crate
Gold 2017 Invitational Crate

$0.05 - $0.08

NMP Body Armor

$3.36 - $4.71

NoahJ456 Tactical Helmet

$0.05 - $0.08

MiniLadd Jersey

$0.12 - $0.21

FemSteph Motorcycle Helmet

$1.16 - $3.60

Pineaqples Jacket

$0.18 - $0.39

MoMaN Warmup Pants

$4.73 - $6.52

Flamehopper Makeshift Armor

$0.56 - $1.08

Aydren Body Armor

$0.14 - $0.19

DrasseL Ski Mask

$0.07 - $0.15

KYRSP33DY Jersey

$0.09 - $0.13

Crispy Concords Tactical Jacket

$0.16 - $0.21

Gotaga Tanktop

$19.88 - $34.11

Mask of the Monkey King

$20.58 - $28.69

Radek AR-15

$49.34 - $64.17

inboxes AR-15

$2.82 - $4.05

p90princess Makeshift Armor

$2.22 - $3.33

Stormen Face Bandana

$0.94 - $1.62

ISCO Military Backpack

$0.06 - $0.09

Cizzorz Face Bandana

$98.81 - $132.70

Imperial Shotgun

$22.25 - $32.92

Twitch Parachute

$1.88 - $3.08

YT2Tap Jersey

$3.38 - $4.44

illuos1ion Jersey
Twin Galaxies Hoodie
Twin Galaxies Warmup Pants
Tribute Makeshift Armor
Royalty Makeshift Armor

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
Camo Grey Trucker Cap Camo Gray Trucker Cap
Grey and Yellow Backpack Gray and Yellow Backpack
Grey and Yellow Backpack Gray and Yellow Backpack
Camo Grey Trucker Cap Camo Gray Trucker Cap
Blue and Grey Backpack Blue and Gray Backpack
Grey Blue T-Shirt Gray Blue T-Shirt
Camo Grey Trucker Cap Camo Gray Trucker Cap
Grey Motorcycle Helmet Gray Motorcycle Helmet
Grey Work Boots Gray Work Boots
Grey Blue Work Boots Gray Blue Work Boots
Grey Scrubs Shirt Gray Scrubs Shirt
Grey Scrub Slacks Gray Scrub Slacks
Grey Scrubs Cap Gray Scrubs Cap
Dark Grey Stealth Shoes Dark Gray Stealth Shoes
Grey Blue Stealth Shoes Gray Blue Stealth Shoes
Blue and Grey Tanktop Blue and Gray Tanktop
Grey Henley Gray Henley
Baggy Grey Jeans Baggy Gray Jeans
Grey Jeans Gray Jeans
Blue and Grey Tanktop Blue and Gray Tanktop
Grey Henley Gray Henley
Baggy Grey Jeans Baggy Gray Jeans
Grey Jeans Gray Jeans
Dark Grey Stealth Shoes Dark Gray Stealth Shoes
Grey Blue Stealth Shoes Gray Blue Stealth Shoes
Blue and Grey Backpack Blue and Gray Backpack
Grey Motorcycle Helmet Gray Motorcycle Helmet
Grey Blue Work Boots Gray Blue Work Boots
Grey Work Boots Gray Work Boots
Grey Blue T-Shirt Gray Blue T-Shirt
The following items have had changes made to their bulk capacity.
Crafted Shotgun 350 1500
Toxic Shotgun 350 1500
Combat Shotgun 350 1500
Wildstyle Shotgun 350 1500
Shotgun 350 1500
Green Dawn Shotgun 350 1500
Rainbow Swirl Shotgun 350 1500
Tiger Blood Shotgun 350 1500
Predator 12GA Pump Shotgun 350 1500
Nagafen's Rage 350 1500
Neko-chan 12GA Pump Shotgun 350 1500
Tribute 12GA Pump Shotgun 350 1500
Four Alarm 12GA Pump Shotgun 350 1500
Nautilus 12GA Pump Shotgun 350 1500
12GA Pump Shotgun 350 1500
No changes identified to any maximum bulk carrying capacity.
No changes to any stack values found in this patch.
No changes to weapon parameters have been noted.
The following changes have also been noted and relate to various stats. Some fields / values may be more recogniseable than others.
Blue and Orange BackpackRARITY50
Eagle Flannel VestRARITY60
Leather Flannel VestRARITY50
Camouflage BackpackRARITY80
Blue Flannel ShirtRARITY50
Brown Flannel ShirtRARITY50
Green Flannel ShirtRARITY50
Red Flannel ShirtRARITY50
Red Polo ShirtRARITY50
Tan Polo ShirtRARITY50
Gray and Yellow BackpackRARITY50
Blue Aloha PoloRARITY50
Red Aloha PoloRARITY50
Royoline PoloRARITY50
Black Military BackpackTEXTURE ALIASMilitary_Black
Blue Military BackpackTEXTURE ALIASMilitary_Blue
Blue Camo Military BackpackTEXTURE ALIASMilitary_CamoBlue
Green Camo Military BackpackTEXTURE ALIASMilitary_CamoGreen
Tan Camo Military BackpackTEXTURE ALIASMilitary_CamoTan
Paisley Flannel ShirtRARITY60
Camo Green Flannel ShirtRARITY60
Camo Tan Flannel ShirtRARITY60
Wooden Body ArmorRARITY50
Plated Body ArmorRARITY50
Blue Face BandanaRARITY80
Camo Face BandanaRARITY80
Evil Clown Face BandanaRARITY80
Pink Face BandanaRARITY80
Red Face BandanaRARITY80
Skull Face BandanaRARITY80
All American Face BandanaRARITY80
Laminated Tactical Body ArmorRARITY50
Police Body ArmorRARITY70
Farmer's JacketRARITY50
Racing JacketRARITY50
Rancho Taquito Doomed JacketRARITY60
Hunting PoloRARITY50
Police ShirtRARITY70
Basic HoodieRARITY60
Black and Orange Athletic HoodieRARITY60
Twitch HoodieRARITY60
D.O.A. HoodieRARITY60
Pro Gamer HoodieRARITY60
Happy Target Ski MaskRARITY80
Blue Camo Ski MaskRARITY80
Brown Camo Ski MaskRARITY80
Paisley Ski MaskRARITY80
Hunter's Ski MaskRARITY80
Flaming Skull TanktopRARITY50
Guns Out TanktopRARITY50
Nandor's T-ShirtRARITY70
Sxyhxy T-ShirtRARITY60
CohhCarnage T-ShirtRARITY60
Curvyllama T-ShirtRARITY60
GoldGlove T-ShirtRARITY60
Grimmybear T-ShirtRARITY60
Lowco2525 T-ShirtRARITY60
OMGitsfirefoxx T-ShirtRARITY60
SeriousGaming T-ShirtRARITY60
Summit1g T-ShirtRARITY60
Towelliee T-ShirtRARITY60
Toxic Body ArmorRARITY70
CDNThe3rd T-ShirtRARITY60
iiJeriichoii T-ShirtRARITY60
LegendaryLea T-ShirtRARITY60
Lirik T-ShirtRARITY60
SodaPoppin T-ShirtRARITY60
Khaki Body ArmorRARITY70
Camo Body ArmorRARITY70
Pink Skull Body ArmorRARITY70
Tan Ghillie SuitRARITY60
Mercenary TanktopRARITY50
Camo TanktopRARITY50
Woodland Ghillie SuitRARITY60
Camo ShemaghRARITY80
Brown Digital Camo ShemaghRARITY80
Green Digital Camo ShemaghRARITY80
Blue ShemaghRARITY80
Red ShemaghRARITY80
Red Tessellated ShemaghRARITY80
Teal ShemaghRARITY80
Orange ShemaghRARITY80
Beige ShemaghRARITY80
Ninja's ShirtRARITY50
Mr. Grimmmz's ShirtRARITY50
Showdown ShirtRARITY50
/r/H1Z1 ShirtRARITY50
Summit1g's Body ArmorRARITY70
Sxyhxy's Body ArmorRARITY70
Whisenhunt Firearms TanktopRARITY50
Pinstripe Suit JacketRARITY60
Velvet Suit JacketRARITY60
Dead End ArmorRARITY70
Camo Blue ArmorRARITY70
Pink Anarchy ArmorRARITY70
Red Star ArmorRARITY70
Green Starred ArmorRARITY70
Gray and Red ArmorRARITY70
Headshot Hockey MaskRARITY50
Hockey MaskRARITY50
Eagle Hockey MaskRARITY50
Scorpion HoodieIMAGE SET ID
China HoodieRARITY60
Skull HoodieIMAGE SET ID
Graffiti HoodieIMAGE SET ID
Pixel HoodieIMAGE SET ID
Twin Galaxies HoodieIMAGE SET ID
Leather JacketRARITY50
Forest Camo JacketRARITY50
Digital Camo JacketRARITY50
Chaos Face BandanaRARITY80
Tan Ghillie Suit Face BandanaRARITY80
Golden Dragon Face BandanaRARITY80
Barbed Wire Face BandanaRARITY80
Yellow Plaid Face BandanaRARITY80
Flaming Skull Face BandanaRARITY80
Green Camo ArmorRARITY70
Digital Camo ArmorRARITY70
Rusted Metal ArmorRARITY70
EZW Armored Championship BeltPARAM2540
EZW Armored ShoulderpadsPARAM2540
Tech Tactical Body ArmorPARAM2540
Heavy Assault Body ArmorPARAM2540
Makeshift ArmorITEM TYPE136
Kitsune Tactical Body ArmorPARAM2540
Sniper Laminated Body ArmorPARAM2540
Red Bone Body ArmorPARAM2540
Shallow Grave .308 Hunting RiflePASSIVE EQUIP SLOT GROUP ID01
Desert Warfare Tactical Body ArmorPARAM2540
Arachnid Tactical Body ArmorPARAM2540
Frank Face BandanaRARITY80
Vlad Face BandanaRARITY80
Twin Galaxies Warmup PantsSCRAP VALUE OVERRIDE5-1
First Responder Tactical Body ArmorPARAM2540
Brown Argyle Body ArmorPARAM2540
Twitch Holiday HoodieRARITY07
Twitch Prime ConveysRARITY07
Twitch Prime Suit JacketRARITY07
Twitch Prime SlacksRARITY07
Kappa Paper MaskRARITY07
Scavenger Body ArmorPARAM2540
Bandit Makeshift ArmorITEM TYPE136
Nomad Armored ShoulderpadsPARAM2540
Hazard Makeshift ArmorITEM TYPE136
Infiltrator Advanced HelmetPOWER RATING4013001
Infiltrator Military PantsPOWER RATING12155001
Infiltrator Advanced Body ArmorPOWER RATING4131
Nemesis Aviator HelmetPOWER RATING4012001
Nemesis Padded PantsPOWER RATING12155001
Nemesis Tactical Body ArmorPOWER RATING4131
Nemesis Explorer BackpackPOWER RATING044001
Nautilus Diving HelmetPOWER RATING4012001
Nautilus Cargo PantsPOWER RATING12155001
Nautilus Survivor BackpackPOWER RATING044001
Risky Business Motorcycle HelmetPOWER RATING4012001
Desert Warfare Makeshift ArmorITEM TYPE136
Golden Dragon Warmup PantsPOWER RATING12155001
Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.